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Saturday, April 18, 2009

So that's what you can do with Arduino, too.

That's what these guys wrote...

Death Machine Final Evolution is the epitome of a home security device (with limitless applications). The latest in a series of Arduino programmed pojectile launchers, Death Machine F.E. fuses a trio of servo motors, a Nerf gun, and a makeshift control panel (two potentiometers and a push button) to ultimately perfect a pennetrating application of engineering technology. Mounting a Nerf sniper rifle on a rotating platform (bolted to a tripod) allows for a two dimensional rotational axis of over 100 degrees. This base motor is synched with a corresponding potentiometer for user control. A second servo motor was tied to one end of the platform, enabling the gun to adjust vertically for an optimal aiming experience. This servo is similarly linked to a potentiometer. The final trigger servo employs hybrid programing for an clean, smooth shot.

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