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Monday, February 16, 2009

Laser Harp

The WiiMote front sensor has been modified to track 532nm light, rather than the normal IR.

Software on the PC converts the information from the WiiMote into MIDI controller data - this is merged (using MIDIOX and MIDI-Yoke) with the trigger pulses coming from the harp and fed to the impOSCar synth.

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  1. So the sensor has been modified to only pick up the light of the laser, so that when he breaks and reflects the laser beam the amount of light that is picked up drives the changes in the music ? Pretty cool !

    I am also building laser harps, and I am using an off-the shell midi controller and software that is pretty cool, but I am interested in experimenting with the Arduno or other controllers. How difficult is it to program the Arduno for a not-programer like me ?

    Glenn j. Hill www.laserharps.com